Rouge et Noir 3000 - New 30/40

a card game which can be played on any type of physical, virtual or electronic support.

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  • You need six decks of 52 cards to play “Rouge and Noir 3000”.
  • There are four different game combinations: red, black, colour and reverse – in each hand 2 combinations are winning and two are losing.
  • One can bet by phsysically placing a chip of a specific value, or an equivalent, on the selected combination.
  • To determine the winning combination you must add the face value of each extracted card in a row from left to right until you reach the minimum score of 31.
  • The last card’s colour will determine the winning “colour”, either red or black.
  • When the colour of the last card extracted is the same of the first one, then the combination “colour” will be winning as well otherwise if not matching the wining combination will be “reverse”
  • At the end of each hand played the house should collect the losing bets and pay the winning hands 1:1.
  • When among the first 3 cards an ace of spades will appear then the winning bets will be paid 50% of their value.

Hand 1

10+7+10+6 = 33

If you add the face value of the cards from the first row cards you will obtain 33 (10+7+10+6), which the dealer will annouce as the final score. As the last extracted card is red, the dealer will further announce:

“Rouge gagne et couleur” as the first extracted card is the same as the last extracted one.

Hand 2

10+10+5+10 = 35

In the second row from above the score is 35. The last extracted card is red. However, as the first extracted card is black the dealer will announce:

“35 rouge gagne, la couleur perd” (reverse wins).

Hand 3

10+3+9+10 = 32

In the third row the score is 32 with the last extracted card being black so the dealer will announce:

“32, rouge perd la couleur gagne” (Couleur always wins when the first card is of the same colour of the last one extracted).

Hand 4

10+6+9+8 = 33

In the fourth row from above the score is again 33. However, the colour of the last is not the same as the first, therefore: “Rouge perd et couleur”.

Hand 5

10+1+10+4+7 = 32

In the fifth row of cards, the score is 32. As there is an Ace of Spades which has been extracted in the first tree cards the dealer will announce:

“32 Rouge gagne et couleur apres!” (when saying Apres the dealer announces that the winning bets – in this case red and colour- are paid half of their amount).

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